Politicians constantly paint a picture of a clash between their own good ideas and their opponents' evil ones. This isn't normal but it has become politics as usual.  We must change the national dialogue to accommodate differences but still act upon shared beliefs and goals. Our federal system was designed that Mississippi and Massachusetts were not supposed to necessarily be similar but they are expected to share a common thread. We can fix the dysfunction in Washington by bridging between differing viewpoints and finding common ground.  If we are true to  the principles our Founding Fathers established, we will constructively engage with each other and do more together. Here's an overview of my positions on several important issues. Our campaign blog contains a more detailed discussion of the issues below and others that are important. 


Both Republicans and Democrats have failed to provide an economic vision that resonates with Americans. Once considered the party of jobs, Democrats have been labeled the party of undue regulation and taxes. Republicans, by contrast, have chosen the wrong avenues to re-balance and adjust certain regulations troubling for businesses. America's social agenda, as Sen. Paul Tsongas said repeatedly, is tied to the health of its economic agenda. My plan (click here for a discussion) calls for a focus on revitalizing the big cities of the Third District and a focus on realistic economic re-positioning and growth in the new economy. As an entrepreneur, I specialize in turning around businesses and assets that need new life and innovation to survive and grow, including in the Third District, where my company employs nearly seventy five people. I'm the only candidate that has created jobs in the Third District and the only one with business experience, which is critical to be credible on issues of economic growth.  


What Republicans and Democrats both got wrong was their diametrically opposite approach to healthcare. Access to basic health care and critical care services should be a right of every American. There is no difference between a terrorist attack or cancer. Both devastate lives, but only defense against one of them is itemized as a cost on your paycheck. Obamacare forces universal care on a system of private insurance that cannot efficiently handle individuals who cannot afford coverage. While the expansion of coverage is good, expenses for both employers and employees are too high and the perception of the level of care has deteriorated. I propose fixing the Veterans Administration to and expending a 

provide basic healthcare to all Americans in a simplified single payer system while maintaining private insurance for those who can afford it (which has the effect of fixing the VA and its systems in the process - something that absolutely must be done for our veterans), 

Thank you to all my supporters, the citizens of Third District and to my

parents & family for an amazing year. While we fell short of victory,

we did something meaningful.

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