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A Renewed Call to Economic Arms - Leveling the Playing Field, Urban Renewal, and Skills Development

Updated: Nov 27, 2017

Structural changes to both our regional and global economy demands a new approach to how our government interacts with and assists in economic growth and development

In A Call to Economic Arms, Sen. Paul Tsongas wrote that "there is no reason why the United States should not be the preeminent economic power on earth" and suggested:

  • Washington politicians should first experience "their financial survival riding on a startup business struggling under the burden of the high cots of American capital" something, much like today, they were not doing

  • the health of any social agenda is directly tied to the underlying health of businesses in America, something today's uneven tax and regulatory architecture fails to recognize.

Level the Playing Field

Our tax code and regulatory schemes have not kept up with the evolving business climate.

Many small businesses today face uneven regulations and taxation. The structural shifts in today's economy, with the growth of ride share service uber, short-term rental player Airbnb, requires a regulatory and legislative response which levels the playing field for traditional and small businesses. Large companies have the political and financial clout to find creative ways to avoid the burdens imposed upon smaller or more labor dependent businesses. Meanwhile, small businesses and employees are left to fend for themselves.

Urban Renewal and Revitalization

My plan for growth focuses on the reality that job creation within this district will come largely from smaller and entrepreneurial enterprises. Our larger cities are all conducive to growth as incubators for such enterprises and the innovation they bring. With the right investment strategy, promoted by federal policy that facilitates such investment, cities such as Lowell, Lawrence and Haverhill can benefit from redevelopment capital that should be claimed, deployed and utilized. My extensive revitalization and redevelopment experience ranges from as far away as Cambodia to as close as within the district, in Tyngsborough. These are complicated projects and require the unique set of experience -- legal, business, real estate -- that I can provide.

Skills Training and Relevant Educational Opportunities

Talk to most businesses within the Third District (and in many places throughout the Commonwealth) and it is easy to see that there is a mismatch between the training that available labor is receiving and the skills they need to thrive in today's economy. While comprehensive immigration reform is part of the solution to the lack of adequate labor, a reconfiguration of our educational priorities in also in order. While college education has become the buzzword for an increasingly corporate educational system, we must invest in an improved skills based education system for those individuals for whom a traditional college degree does not fit and whose economic potential and career goals point elsewhere.

I discuss many of these topics in a radio interview with WCAP radio, which you can listen to by clicking here.

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Thank you to all my supporters, the citizens of Third District and to my

parents & family for an amazing year. While we fell short of victory,

we did something meaningful.

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