• Beej Das

Education and Skills Based Training

Updated: Dec 8, 2017

We pay too much in taxes to receive so little from our government. Skills education that is relevant is hard to access, student debt levels are skyrocketing and our infrastructure is crumbling. It's time to make changes in how we approach these issues.

College is unaffordable for many and unnecessary for some

While college education has become the buzzword for an increasingly corporate educational system, we must evaluate and remedy a system that burdens graduates with material levels of debt as they start their careers. For those who seek and would benefit from a traditional college education, we must make it more affordable, through grants, tax incentives, low cost loans, and other mechanisms. Moreover, we must invest in an improved skills based education system for those individuals for whom a traditional college degree does not fit and whose economic potential and career goals point elsewhere.

Reverse the attack on academia

The corporatization of education has resulted in a sustained attack on tenure in academia. Instead of protecting the wisdom that is cultivated in a properly functioning peer-reviewed academic environment, today's academic institutions are essentially modeling themselves as for-profit companies, with a focus on volume of students processed, instead of on depth and quality of education provided. Academia must maintain its place as a refuge for learning, research and intellectual pursuits, because institutions of higher education provide our society a critical protection against tyranny. Institutions that invest in the long term development of talent should be rewarded.

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Thank you to all my supporters, the citizens of Third District and to my

parents & family for an amazing year. While we fell short of victory,

we did something meaningful.

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