• Beej Das

Veterans Affairs and Fixing the VA

Updated: Dec 8, 2017

We ask our men and women in arms to do so much. When they return from battle defending our freedoms, we collectively do too little in return. From the VA to job opportunities for vets, it's time we got serious about our obligations to the brave men and women of our armed services.

Veterans Affairs and Healthcare Improvements

The state of affairs of the VA remains unacceptable for our returning veterans. A combination of inefficient and outdated bureaucratic systems and overworked and underpaid VA doctors and health care providers has created a system where access to basic health care is often delayed or effectively denied to those in need. We must immediately remedy these issues. We must invest additional resources to improve conditions for our men and women in uniform who return after serving.

Post-Service Work Certification

We must do more to help our veterans transition to civilian life after serving. Most military personnel will tell you that, surprisingly, military training and certifications do not offer translate to or provide for US civilian certifications. For example, navy medics cannot work as paramedics after leaving the service despite years of training under conditions that regularly exceed non-military paramedic training. The same is true of various aircraft technicians who can work on military planes but aren't fully certified to work on civilian planes. The certification process for veterans must be made simpler and properly account for the quality and depth of military certifications and their adaptability to civilian conditions. Our veterans deserve for their military training to translate more easily to licenses/certificates that can be used in the civilian world.

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Thank you to all my supporters, the citizens of Third District and to my

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